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The Clan Macfie

Clan Macfie CrestThe Scone RSL Pipes and Drums proudly wear the tartan of Clan Macfie, in recognition of the contribution of local businessman Eddie McPhee to the creation of the band. The band is supported by the Clan MacFie Society of NSW and further details of the clan can be viewed at the Clan's official homepage.

Clan Macfie is acknowledged as one of the oldest Scottish clans, with a history stretching back before records were kept. While Clan Macfie was dispersed following the shooting of Malcolm, the last Chief of Clan Macfie in 1623, the clan was reactivated on 27th May 1981 and formally recognised as an active clan once more. This date is now celebrated by Macfies across the world as Clan Macfie Day.

Clan Macfie Motto: "Pro Rege" ("For The King") Clan Macfie Badge (Plant): Scots Pine (Giuthas), Darag (Oak) or Dearca Fithich Crowberry)

The Clan Macfie TartanClan Macfie's red and green tartan (upon which this website is based) was recorded in the Books of the Court of the Lord Lyon on 29th August 1991. The thread count for the tartan is: 2 white/yellow; 24 red; 4 green; 2 red; 32 green.